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The Czech Centres and Radio Prague International have jointly produced a series of 10 short videos focusing on contemporary Czech computer games. The series precedes the upcoming exhibition project Infinite Universes – Czech Games and Their Global Success, initiated by the Czech Centres and produced in cooperation with a wide range of partners.

The first episode will be introduced by the exhibition curator Miroslav Žák, founder of VISIONGAME.CZ, an archive of Czech and Slovak games, and Pavel Barák, the Chairman of The Czech Game Developers Association (GDA). The other episodes will feature 8 studios and will showcase the diversity of the contemporary Czech gaming scene, its themes, style, and inspiration as seen through the eyes of their founders or managers. The final episode will feature Michal Berlinger from FAMU as a representative of game design education.

The series will be launched on 19th October 2023 across the Czech Centres’ and Radio Prague International social media platforms. New episodes will be launched each Thursday until 21st December 2023.



  1. 1. Miroslav Žák – founder and curator of the Infinite Universes exhibition & Pavel Barák – CEO of Asociace českých herních vývojářů
  2. 2. Jakub Dvorský – founder of Amanita Design
  3. 3. Marek Rosa – founder of Keen Software House
  4. 4. Ondřej Trhoň – marketing and communication Charles Games
  5. 5. Marek Španěl – CEO Bohemia Interactive

6. Vladimír Kudělka – founder of Hangonit

7. Martin Klíma – executive producer Warhorse

8. Jana Kuklová – founder of Kikiriki games

9. Roman Hladík – director general Hangar13 (2K Czech)

10. Michal Berlinger – teacher at FAMU -Herní design

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