Interview: Warhorse Studios

Title image - Interview: Warhorse Studios

Our seventh interview was with Martin Klíma, developer and one of the founders of Warhorse Studios. He told us not only about the beginnings of the studio, but also how the games from this unusual studio have been developed and what we can look forward to.



(2011, Prague)  


Warhorse Studios is one of the largest Czech studios, founded by experienced game developers Dan Vávra (the creator of the games Mafia and Mafia II) and Martin Klíma (Dračí doupě, UFO). A year after the release of their debut game Kingdom Come: Deliverance (2018), the studio was bought by Koch Media (now PLAION). The developers at Warhorse Studios are currently working on a new, undisclosed game. 



FCB: kingdomcomerpg 


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