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Personal data processing and its protection


In the performance of its duties, The Czech Centres, a contributory organisation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, with its registered office at Václavské náměstí 816/49, 110 00 Prague 1, ID no.: 48546038 (hereinafter referred to as “CC”), processes and protects personal data in accordance with its obligations arising from applicable legislation concerning the processing and protection of personal data, in particular in accordance with the general Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, on the processing of personal data (hereinafter referred to as “GDPR”).

We manage and process personal data for the purpose of carrying out the activities of CC, arising from the Charter of the contributory organisation Czech Centres, dated 1 January 2023, from the Statute of Czech Centres dated 1 January 2023, and for the purpose of informing the public of these activities.


Cookies Compliance

Cookies are small files that are saved to the computer hard drive when you accept them. The cookie files are managed by a browser in your computer.

As soon as you accept the cookies, files are added to the computer and cookies help to analyse the internet traffic or to provide identification when the user visits a specific website.

Cookies allow the web applications to customize their services to your individual needs. This is based on remembering the information as to your preferences.

Within the automatic collection of information, we can collect unambiguous identification codes of the device, MAC addressIP addressoperating system versiontool setup you use for accessing services, length of your stay on our website, location information (derived from your IP address or other location-tracking technologies) in case you have location functions active on our websites and applications.

This document applies to all websites within the Czech Centres network.

You can always read the cookie files, delete or deactivate them in the settings of your web browser.


Our Use of Cookies  

While browsing our websites we track your IP address, the time you spend on the website and from which website you have accessed. We consider the use of cookies for measuring the frequency of visits to the website and setup of the website display to be our vested admin interest as we believe we can provide you with a better experience. It is possible to browse our websites in a regime that does not allow personal information collection. You can ban the use of cookies on your computer.

We analyse the collected data from the protocol to find out which websites are being used. This helps us to analyse the data about the data traffic at our websites and enables us to improve them, as we aim at customizing them to your needs. This kind of information is only used for statistics and data are removed from the system. Cookies help us to offer better websites by tracking which pages you consider important. By no means do cookie files give us access to your computer and provide information about you except for this you choose to share. You can choose to accept or deny cookies. Most browsers automatically accept cookies but it is possible to change the settings for denying cookies if the user wishes to do so. This can limit the maximum use of the website and can cause some services not work correctly. For example, we might not remember your language preference.

Tracking Cookies (third party)  

The following services using cookie files can be used on our websites. These cookies are most important for tracking the user on our websites and to collect information about the user’s behaviour.

List of Cookies

    A CSRF token is a unique, secret, unpredictable value that is generated by the server-side application and transmitted to the client in such a way that it is included in a subsequent HTTP request made by the client. When the later request is made, the server-side application validates that the request includes the expected token and rejects the request if the token is missing or invalid.
  • _cf_bm
    The _cf_bm cookie supports Cloudflare Bot Management by managing incoming traffic that matches criteria associated with bots. The cookie does not collect any personal data, and any information collected is subject to one-way encryption. This encrypted file contains Cloudflare’s proprietary bot score and helps manage incoming traffic that matches specific criteria. This cookie is a session cookie that lasts for up to 30 minutes from the time an End User connects with the site.
  • _cfduid
    The _cfduid cookie collects and anonymizes End User IP addresses using a one-way hash of certain values so they cannot be personally identified. The cookie is a session cookie that expires after 30 days.
  • czechcenters_cookie
    This cookie is native to PHP applications. The cookie is used to store and identify a users’ unique session ID for the purpose of managing user session on the website. The cookie is a session cookies and is deleted when all the browser windows are closed.
  • cookie_notice
    This is a session cookie that maintains information about whether the visitor has agreed to the use of cookies. This cookie is relational and is deleted when all browser windows are closed.
  • addons:LanguageSwitcher:locale
    This is a cookie that stores choosen language option and thus makes it easier for the visitor to work with the website. This cookie does not store any data that can be used to identify the visitor.


We do not recommend that you turn off cookies. Some parts or functions of our websites can be limited in their functionality. Please be aware that if you delete the cookies from your computer it might be difficult to recognize whether you have accepted use of cookies and you can be asked again to do so. Should you need more information about cookie files, how to customize the setting in your browser or how to delete them from your computer, please visit this website: or, where you can choose which files to accept and reject.

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