INTERVIEW: KikirikiGames

Title image - INTERVIEW: KikirikiGames

We talked to co-founder Jana Kuklova about the game studio with the original name Kikiriki Games, which specializes in developing accessible and inclusive mobile games specifically for visually impaired individuals. She’ll tell us how this market has opened up for disabled citizens in the next episode.




(2021/ Brno)

Founded by Jana and Miloš Kukla, Kikiriki Games is an accessible game development studio. It specialises in the development of accessible and inclusive mobile games. The studio was founded with the aim of improving the range of games available to visually impaired gamers. In addition to removing barriers in the game development industry, it also focuses on improving the position of blind people in the job market and strives to inspire other employers – a large part of the creative team is made up of people with visual impairments. The studio has released the action mobile audio game To the Dragon Cave (2022) and the mobile quiz game Brave Brain (2023).

Facebook: KikirikiGames

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