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Showcase of the 24 best indie, classic and the best known czech games

The curated selection of games is based primarily on their audiovisual qualities, interactivity, relationship to Czech culture, history, society, and their educational aspect.

An Exhibition Project Showcasing Contemporary Czech Games Abroad

The exhibition project Infinite Universes – Czech Games and Their Global Success initiated by the Czech Centres and produced in cooperation with a wide range of partners aims to introduce contemporary Czech games in all their complexity – not only by showcasing the individual games, but also by presenting the creative process, focusing on selected elements that define the studios and their approach to the chosen theme, or their connection to artistic and educational practices.


The curated selection of games


The games featured in the exhibition are divided into three categories: The Best Known, Independent and Classic.


Video podcast Infinite Universes Czech games and their global success

Exhibition curator
Miroslav Žák



Initiators and organizers:  Česká centra and  Visiongame

 Support of:  PPF Foundation

Partners:   Alza.cz ,  GDACZ ,  GDS,  Prusa Research Soundsgate

Media partners:  Radio Prague International,  Visiongame 




Curator: Miroslav Žák 

Project manager: Anastasiia Artemyak 

Visual concept and graphic design: Vanda Žáková, Anastasiia Artemyak 

Texts: Alexandr Smutný, Vojtěch Vaněk, Miroslav Žák; Anna Hrabáčková (eds.) 

Proof readings: Agáta Faltová, Hana Pištorová 

Exposition: Anna Hejmová; Anna Hrabáčková 

Video serie: Barbora Navrátilová (Radio Prague International) 

Trailers:  Michael Petr 

Translation: Alena Kopečná 

Technical support: Petr Hrdlička 

Current exhibition

31.5 - 1.6
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Výstaviště Brno
Výstaviště 405/1, Brno-střed
Opening hours

8:30 - 18:00

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7 - 12.5.2024
31.5 - 1.6
18. 04.

19. 04. 2024

New York
March 25th - May 9th 2024
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