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2003 / Brno, Prague
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The game is based on a more serious theme than the Amanita Design fans are used to. Although the story features manipulation and individualism, it retains the typical detachment and playfulness. The player takes on the role of Felix, an unassuming young man who, along with his fellow citizens, unwittingly faces a major threat. The authoritarian Leader of the city is about to sound the Absolute Tone through the ubiquitous amplifiers and take over the collective minds of all citizens for good. By a stroke of luck, Felix is the only one to realise what could happen and he tries to thwart the Leader's plan.

  • Indie
  • In development
  • Dystopia
  • Cardboard


The story-driven adventure game is set in the anti-utopian city of Phonopolis, for which the developers have hand-crafted a 3D world out of corrugated cardboard.

Traditional animation at 12 frames per second reminiscent of classic animated films.

The music is composed by Tomáš Dvořák aka Floexe. He is the author of music for the studio's other games, too, including Machinarium and Samorost 3.

The first game by Amanita Design to feature clear dialogues and a real narrator.


Amanita Design

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The independent development studio was founded by the designer, artist and animator Jakub Dvorský. Amanita Design are known for an emphasis on surreal worlds, subtle humour, handcrafted graphics and audiovisual experience. Their portfolio includes the world-famous Machinarium (2009), the Samorost Series (2003-2016), the comedy game CHUCHEL (2018) and the horror game Happy Game (2021). They are currently working in several small teams on the development of a number of new games for different platforms. Also in development is their dystopian game Phonopolis, which is created from handcrafted cardboard models and its animation is based on a classic hand puppets.

Interview: Amanita Design

In the second episode of the video interviews of the joint project of Czech Centres and Radio Prague International, Jakub Dvorský, founder, designer, artist and animator of one of the most original Czech studios Amanita Design, will introduce himself. The uniqueness of their games has gained popularity all over the world.   AMANITA DESIGN (2003 […]

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